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Finally revealed – the most reliable alkaline water filter machine  that you can trust.

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  Jupiter alkaline water filter machine 


Plan to install a water filter machine for your home or workplace, consider installing an alkaline water filter machine to enhance your family health and wellness.

Alkaline water machine does not only produce alkaline water that comes with antioxidant effects, but it provides a filtration system for your house too. Research has shown that the alkaline water produced by the water ionizer has a negative ORP, this is an important antioxidant effect.

Our Alkaline Water Machine is affordable and reliable.

We supply Jupiter Antioxidant Alkaline Water Machine and Filter to Malaysia as well as worldwide. Jupiter alkaline water filter machine are among the highest quality ionizers available in the market. they are the No 1 water ionizer brand in Korea. The machine is easy to use and it provides great performance, excellent filtration, and affordability.

Benefits of our Jupiter antioxidant alkaline water machine and filter:

  • User friendly with adjustable pH setting.  
  • Produce water with antioxidant effect. 
  • Build in titanium plates that enable great water electrolysis to ensure the water produced with the desired pH and ORP value. 
  • Self-cleaning feature which will clean the unit while it ionizes water, so you’ll never wait for a cleaning cycle to end before you can pour some water. 
  drink alkaline water

How does an Alkaline Water Machine works

The alkaline water machine is connected to your faucet. When the power is turns on, water from the tab runs through the machine. The tap water is first purified by the internal filter system, then the water will be ionized via electrolysis. This water produced will be separated into two tubes: alkaline (hydrogen-rich) and acidic (oxygen-rich). The mild acid 5.5 pH water is good as a skin toner to give your skin a healthy, radiant shine.  The alkaline water is what you used for consumption.

We provide top quality service and supports


Matrix Source and Distribution specializes in the supply and installation of Jupiter Alkaline Water System. We have been providing Jupiter alkaline water ionizers and filters for 8 years. We are committed to provide great service and supports. 

Our Alkaline Water system is fully imported from Korea manufacturing plant. All units are tested and qualified with certificates. Alkaline water has improved our health and wellness. By consuming sufficient amount of alkaline water, we can achieve a much better wellness.


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"Thank you for introducing me to use your Jupiter Water System.  It has brought great benefit to my children and myself. My children now drink more water, they claim water taste good now.

-- Jane, KL

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